Christine and Ben Baby Shower

Christine and Ben held their baby shower at their aunt’s house in San Francisco past weekend. It wasn’t that long ago that Rae and I were celebrating with them at the same house just prior to their wedding or at their engagement party at Andy and Amy’s. In that time, several of their friends also had children. Many of them weren’t mobile yet, so it was easy to navigate around the delectable snacks that Christine’s relatives had prepared.

We played a couple of baby shower games, including one where we were briefly shown a platter of baby-related items and had to wrote down as many as we could remember. Taking care of a baby certainly requires so many products! I can see why some couples choose to own a cat or a dog instead of a baby!

Rae and I had to leave a little early to get ready for the Chinese Culture Foundation’s Harmony and Bliss event in Chinatown. A quick change upstairs and we had transformed into newlyweds. No, not that kind of bride and groom!

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