RT Halloween Party

It’s time for another Rotten Tomatoes Halloween Party! We’ve been going to these events for the past several years, and each subsequent time, the event is at a bigger venue with even larger crowds! Last year, Rae and I dressed up as characters from Hero. Last night, we harkened back to our recent wedding and went as bride and groom. The only difference is that I was the bride and Rae was the groom!

I’ve been cross-dressing for Halloween since high school. I’m sad to say that this marks the beginning of the end for Elsa. Despite Rae and May’s best efforts at makeup and costuming, I no longer can pass for a woman. Hollywood might be able to maintain Elsa’s youthful looks, but that’s not a path I’ll be heading down anytime soon!

Halloween Movie at Studio Z

Tons of cool costumes at the party. We spied a larger than average amount of convicts and law enforcement costumes (check out the movie clip to the left). There were a few Star Trek people, including Kevin who was Max Rebo at last year’s party! He recognized us immediately, saying, “You’re the guy with the website! You were Hero last year!” Another partygoer, Travis, stopped me and said the exact same thing. The strange thing is that he just moved here from Austin, Texas, and only knows me from my website! That was further validation that my Elsa costume was not cutting it anymore.

What’s up for next year’s costume? I’ve been toying around with the idea of a Master Chief costume, but that’s been done before. Maybe an Elite, Grunt, or a Flood? We have another year to plan!

3 thoughts on “RT Halloween Party

  1. syndromes

    Haha, you guys must have a lotta fun role-playing ;)

  2. Travis

    Great costume! I still can’t believe I recognized you from the sea of girl scouts, sumo wrestlers, surgeons,…

  3. lol.. your captions are awesome! always a pleasure seeing you tow’s… err uhm.. you’s two! (=

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