I’m currently revising my online wedding portfolio. Rae and I have been spending some time going through every wedding that we’ve shot. We ended up selecting 81 photographs, which will soon be highlighted in a nine-page spread. We needed a way to visually organize each page’s worth of images. Sadly, none of the image management applications that I use today are as flexible as Apple’s Aperture’s free-form Lightbox feature. Neither Aperture nor the Quad G5 will be available for another two weeks, so we had to get creative.

We dubbed our solution Paperture. It’s the manual way of organizing and selecting your images! We printed out small thumbnails of our images and plopped them on top of a 30-inch Cinema Display Box. As you can see in the photos below, we created our own makeshift Light Table. It’s certainly more time consuming and labor intensive, but we achieved what we wanted!

4 thoughts on “Paperture

  1. syndromes

    You are a strange strange man, Adam Tow :) But that should be taken as a compliment ;)

  2. Adam – this is the best use of a 30″ Cinema Display (without having the required computer to connect) that I have seen to date. All you are missing is the Loupe to drag over the images with.

    Another great Adam Tow creation.

  3. Hahahahah. If only there were such an easy-to-use software out there that had all the features you have in “Paperture”!

    “The manual way” – imagine THAT working! Hahahahah. Very cute, made me laugh! :)

  4. Your paperture seems a lot like the paper prototypes we made of our research prototype Cabinet, which is basically a physical representation of the Aperture light table with added scanning functionality. See the movies at

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