Portfolio Revised

I just launched the revision to my online portfolio. The layout has been refreshed and I updated — thanks to Paperture — the wedding photos. I also added our custom designed wedding invitations and consolidated the People/Portrait, Music/Performance, and Nature/Places sections. Besides the wedding images, everything dates back to 2003, so I have some updating to do! It takes a long time to go through 70,000+ images looking for those select few to highlight!

That said, it will certainly be easier to update the site on an ongoing basis. Using WordPress, a few plug-ins, and some custom templates, all I need to do now is upload the photos and thumbnails!

I have noticed a strange display bug with the thumbnails. I’m avoiding using HTML tables in the site, but at times the DIV’s around the thumbnails are not floating properly. Can any crack CSS gurus help me figure it out? Aligning things in XHTML/CSS can be such a pain at times!

2 thoughts on “Portfolio Revised

  1. Wow. Really nice job. I am mesmerized by your photos, as always …

    I was looking thru the “Performance” part of your portfolio, and noticed that
    http://www.tow.com/portfolio/performance/2/ and
    http://www.tow.com/portfolio/performance/3/ are identical. I think I found a bug in Paperture ;)

    Also, just a little nitpick thing I noticed:
    I went to “Contact” (trying to find some sort of e-mail address / form), found none, hovered over “Links”, and couldn’t get to “Mike” or “syndromes” because apparently the links from the Google ad trump the dropdown links. Tthe Contact page is probably the only page that would encounter this kind of conflict as it’s probably the shortest.

    Anyway, thank you for providing a wonderful diversion from things I’m supposed to be doing! :)

  2. Thanks for the note about the duplicate portfolio pages! I created a Links page that you go to when clicking on the Links item in the menubar. Yeah, the Google ads html code must be interfering with drop-down code.

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