Super Wet Burrito with Carnitas, No Cilantro

Los Charros Taqueria in Mountain View is my favorite place for burritos in the South Bay. I almost always get a super wet burrito with carnitas with no cilantro. Let’s break down the order:

  • Super: The super burritos come with guacamole and sour cream. Regular burritos do not. Sometimes I fluctuate between super and regular wet burritoes at Los Charros.
  • Wet: A layer of melted cheese tops the burrito. Delicious!
  • Carnitas: Los Charros’ carnitas is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I much prefer their version to the soupy and soggy mess that I find in other Mexican restaurants.
  • No Cilantro: I hate cilantro! I must have the gene that predisposes me to detest this green herb. Usually this means they don’t put salsa in the burrito, which is fine by me because I douse it with Los Charros’ homemade salsa and healthy servings of Tapatio sauce.

Dardy and I went to eat super wet burritos with carnitas last night. Yummy!

Astute readers of my blog will notice that the photo of my order was taken two and a half years ago! I love these burritos!

10 thoughts on “Super Wet Burrito with Carnitas, No Cilantro

  1. … and you made fun of my cereal post! ;)

  2. Los Charros has the best carnitas anywhere. Ever. they are Gods of carnitas. Also, according to my website, they’re the best burrito in the world. You, my friend, have very good taste.

  3. Dan – Great website! Looks like others on your site enjoy Los Charros as well!

  4. George


  5. George


  6. Benny

    Come on George, you were dying for Los Charros last time you were at my house in Santa Clara. You were jumping up and down outside in the parking lot after you at a wet burrito last time.

  7. Joey

    El Farolito has better quesos than Taqueria San Francisco.

  8. Sagoni

    I tried to eat a wet burrito, but my huge NOSE got in the way.

  9. George

    And you ruin the wet burrito with Tapatio sauce? N00b, learn your Mexican food.

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