MacGyver MasterCard Commercial

MacGyver MasterCard Commercial

The commercials during the SuperBowl were pretty bad this year, except for one. I loved the MacGyver MasterCard one! It’s a great time to be a MacGyver fan. You can purchase the first four seasons of the series, and the other ones are not far behind. Paramount should wake up and get some MacGyver TV movies in the works. They can get Bruce McGill, Teri Hatcher, and Michael des Barres to reprise their roles. Unfortunately, Dana Elcar passed away last year, so Peter Thornton won’t be coming back.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial on Where’s the mullet?

As for the game, congrats to the Steelers. After my Chargers were knocked out of playoff contention, I jumped onto the Bus and rooted for them to win. Coach Cowher deserved a victory after being second for so many years. Hines Ward became the first Asian-American (he’s half Korean) to win the MVP award of the SuperBowl!

5 thoughts on “MacGyver MasterCard Commercial

  1. jim

    The MacGyver one was great. My favorite though, was the FedEx cavemen. We all had a good laugh with that one.


  2. Yeah, the FedEx commercial was also a good one.

  3. sd

    That’s so awesome! I wish they’d make a movie soon…

  4. I wanted a MacGyver return for many years, but gave up on it when he took over Kurt Russell’s role in Stargate-SG1. That’s where we all became used to the salt and pepper haired RDA as O’Neil. To see him as MacGyver now, especially with dyed hair….DYED HAIR, is sad. I really hate to say that, but it’s true.

    I think even Patty and Selma would say so. ;)

    That aside, I did think he could, and should, take over the role of Indiana Jones. I have a bad feeling about Ford’s new Jones film, but if it does well enough to ignite interest in another, it should be RDA. Having him back in Stargate films would be great (and overdue) too.

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