Treo 700w battery life

I recently switched to using a Palm Treo 700w phone after nearly three years with a Sony Ericsson t68i. I’ve found the battery life on the Treo to be horrible compared to the t68i. Anybody have good tips on extending the battery life on Treos?

Turning off Bluetooth helped a bit. Scheduling ActiveSync not to check on the weekends seems to help as well.

9 thoughts on “Treo 700w battery life

  1. Adam, how do you sync this with you Mac (or do you use a Windows machine)? PocketMac? Missing Sync? I gave up my Windows Mobile smartphone due to the battery and slowness. Back to a good ol’ Nokia 6230i!

  2. No syncing with my Mac. MissingSync doesn’t support the 700w yet. I have a PC laptop that I’m using for ActiveSync.

  3. David Golden

    What do you think of the 700W so far?

  4. Shock! – I thought you were totally Mac Adam ;-). Looking towards the Windows side?

  5. Just using a Windows box at work. Don’t worry, my allegiance is still with the Mac!

  6. Dave: Mixed thoughts about the 700w. Give me a few more weeks and we’ll see. Battery life seems to be getting better after I adjusted the ActiveSync schedule, lowered my backlight, and turned off Bluetooth. The user interface is still pretty bad. Windows Mobile tries to cram too much onto the screen.

  7. Jauder Ho

    Seido just announced an extended life battery.

  8. Brad

    Two words: Treo 650 :-)

  9. spencer

    dude i have 400+ contacts, just sold off my 650 on ebay and got a 700 and i need to sync that shit so i wont lose it if im forced to reset. i love my 17″ powerbook and my treo 700w. wut to do?

    i have an Xp machine in my house maybe ill just use that

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