COBA Location Help

I’ve just been informed that due to new Federal Regulations, we might not be able to use the SLAC Orange Room for future COBA meetings. This puts me in a bind, as April 12 is the next scheduled COBA meeting, with photo recognition software company, Riya, as the featured presenter.

We’re trying to see if the SLAC auditorium will be available. If so, attendees might have to pay a fee (like the last time we had an event there).

Anyone have access to a venue near Palo Alto that can accommodate 40-50 people on the evening of the 12th?

Update: We’ve been given permission to use the Orange Room this month, but next month, we’ll either need to rent the auditorium or find another venue. I’ll be sending out the meeting announcement shortly.

2 thoughts on “COBA Location Help

  1. Larry Gottschalk

    “Federal Regulations”?

  2. Since SLAC is partially federally funded, I guess the U.S. Government can ask them to do things like this. Fortunately, we’ll be able to use the meeting room next week. After that, it’s searching time!

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