Search Engine Spam

I was doing a Technorati search on Sharpcast, and I came across several sites that look like blogs but whose content is decidely spam-like. It’s clear from reading the entries on the site there’s no real person behind the curtain.

This looks a lot like the WordPress search engine spam issue of a year ago. The strange thing is that there’s no advertising on these sites. At least Matt was making some money with this search engine gaming; I’m unsure how they are monetizing their spamful ways at the moment.

Here are some domain names of the offending sites:


Anyone have more information about this or know of a way to deal with it?

1 thought on “Search Engine Spam

  1. Ross Olson

    It’s unfortunate that the Splogs have been growing, but that’s technology for you. If you search for Splog, you’ll find a number of reporting tools, but I don’t know of one centralized database that’s tracking them and doing something useful with them. LiveJournal and Blogger have been good about taking down Splogs from their sites, but Technorati and others are still trying to figure out how to deal with them.

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