May 2006 COBA Meeting

The May 2006 meeting of the Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user group will be held on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 in Cordura Hall 100 at Stanford University from 7:30-10:00 pm.

New Location

Last month, we bid adieu to the our home for the last several years, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Orange Room. This month, we move to a new location in nearby Stanford University:

Cordura Hall 100
210 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94309

Directions via Google Maps

Cordura Hall is on the corner of Campus Drive and Panama Street. Park in the lot across the street. Cordura 100 is next to the courtyard between Ventura Hall and Cordura Hall.


  • 19:00-19:30: Sign-in and mingling period
  • 19:30-20:45: Bags
  • 20:45-21:45: Do-It-Yourself Gadgets>

In the early days of COBA, attendees brought their cameras, bags, and gadgets with them to the meetings. This was a great opportunity to share their experiences and tips with each other. This month, we’re turning back the clock and bringing back the show and tell from the members, for the members!


We’ll start the meeting off with a showcase of camera bags. There’s tons of camera bags out there to choose from, and many people have a difficult time deciding. Going to a camera store and trying out the display model is a lot different than using the bag in real-world conditions: hiking 10 miles a day in the backcountry or photographing an all-day wedding. There’s a bag for every occasion, and chances are, COBA members have them.

Bring your bags, your gear, and get ready to show and tell!

Do-It-Yourself Gadgets

Is there an alternative to expensive gadgets? Lost another Sto-Fen OmniBounce at your last shoot? Got a homemade, jury-rigged diffuser made out of gaffer tape and a milk jug that you’d like to share?

Bring them to the meeting!

We’re looking to see innovative and cheap (i.e under ten dollars) solutions to your photography problems.

If you prefer, you can also bring your expensive gadgets too :)

1 thought on “May 2006 COBA Meeting

  1. Edward

    Hi Adam, and congratulations on the new location.
    Although I suggested the topic, I won’t be able to make the meeting this month (again… sigh…)
    I’m on assignment in Boston from the 9th thru the 12th.

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