Randy's Birthday

Of course we timed it like this. Just one week after Rae and I celebrated our one-year anniversary, we got to celebrate another annual event, Randy’s birthday! Our friends planned a host of events this weekend, starting with a steak dinner at Cattlemen’s in Sunnyvale, continuing with a water polo pool party at our house, and concluding with clubbing at Studio 8 in San Jose.

The highlight from Friday evening was bashing open the Mexican/Korean pinata doll, Joon-Mo and Min Seun brought over. The girls softened the pinata up for the killing blows from Felix, Daniel, and Randy!

Team Hawaii brought over their adorably cute puppy dogs, Eagle and Henni, to the pool party. They were just as cute as Frances and Lui’s Wilbur from our trip to Ohio last month! The dogs seemed to have plenty of fun in the sun. I’m not so sure they enjoyed the water, but this was after all their first time. And whose first time of anything is ever that good?

In the evening, Rae and I went over to Jorge’s house to hang out. He and his uber athletic friends participating in a half-Ironman today. Hard core! I checked out myself on the scale at his house, and I’m ashamed to say I’m losing the weight battle. The Sharpcast diet is not the diet I should be on anymore!

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