Dia de Los Padres

Party pics from our one-year anniversary and housewarming party are now up!

It was nice to see such a broad cross section of our lives at our place. Stanford classmates, Newton alumni, Wushu and dance friends, post-college buddies, workmates, and neighbors made up the guest list.

Entertainment at the party included Guitar Hero, pool floats, Mahjong, World Cup Soccer, NBA Finals (congrats to the Heat!), and lots of yummy food!


7 thoughts on “Dia de Los Padres

  1. timothy chang says:

    Zheng and I had a blast at your party. Congratulations again on your lovely new home and one year anniversary. A true double happiness!

  2. sd says:

    Looks like fun…though I’m not sure watching World Cup soccer classifies as entertainment…hehe. Go Yankees! Erm..I mean Padres! :)

  3. Looks like I missed out on some major karaoke, water polo and serious grub. BTW I hiked near “Alpha Road” the other day. Actually from the park down to San Clemente, to I-52/I-5, then back up the canyon to what used to be Marcie Elem and circled back towards Speckels. Still a lot of crawfish and blue gill, but some of the small trails are overgrown.

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