World Cup 2006

Some thoughts on the World Cup match yesterday.

I’ve come to dislike penalty kicks as a way to determine the winner of the match. I say play until one team scores the Golden Goal. Because of the way the match ended, I’m not sad that France lost; rather, I’m disappointed they didn’t get the opportunity to win outright.

I must say that the block by Buffon on the Zidane header was pretty good. The header itself was amazing to see. That could have been Zidane’s defining moment had it gone in. Instead, we got another type of defining moment using his head! What was Zidane thinking? Was he called a terrorist or harki by Materazzi? Or did he just lose it in a moment of madness?

We had a great time at Hubert, Daniel, and Felix’s place in Sunnyvale. During the game, we enjoyed Daniel’s selection of smoked and BBQ’ed meats. Afterwards, a bunch of us relaxed in the complex’s large pool. The pool water was saltier than our own pool, leading me to wonder what type of chemicals they have been putting in there.

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