COBA Lighting Workshop

The topic for yesterday night’s COBA meeting was lighting. We had the usual discussions and debates on the merits of portable flashes versus studio strobes. Brian demoed a host of cool accessories that he uses, from Magic Arms to PocketWizards to his homemade sync cables.

Alvin and I demoed a host of diffusers, including the Stofen Omnibounce, Lumiquest Midi Bouncer, and the Gary Fong LightSphere. I shot Andy and JooHee’s wedding using the LightSphere, and I’m sold on its superiority over the Midi Bouncer and the OmniBounce. I’m going to have to purchase one of those in the near future.

The highlight of the meeting was setting up, troubleshooting, and photographing COBA members outside of Cordura Hall. I shot portraits of the last two years of Digital Vision Fellows here at Cordura Hall, but never at night. Setting up the flashes was an interesting experience, and thanks to the COBA members in attendance, we came up with a great lighting arrangement!

Since the shoot was at night, we had to arrange a flash to illuminate the background, along with a key and fill flash on the subject. This setup allowed me to shoot at ISO 50 at f/4.0. The background was sufficiently blurred and the correct parts (i.e. eyes) of the subject were all reasonably sharp.

2 thoughts on “COBA Lighting Workshop

  1. David S.

    Adam, can you post some of the recommendations on lighting equipment? I’m a beginner getting into portrait photography and looking to get some very simple (and cheap) lighting stuff: like reflector, umbrella, monolights. Thanks!

  2. I use AlienBee’s monolights. I’ve found them to be relative inexpensive and high quality.

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