Off To Europe!

Rae and I are off to Europe for the next couple of weeks, starting this Wednesday. Our first stop will be just outside of Paris, where we’ll be attending the wedding of Jean-Philippe and Anna. I’ve known Jean-Philippe since we were both in an exchange program with each other’s schools. It’ll be great to see him joining the matrimonial club this coming weekend with his family!

From that point on, our schedule is wide open. We’re planning to go with the clothes on our backs and very limited baggage. For those of you who know me, the big surprise is no hulking SLR to take with me on the trip. Yes, I’ll be using a small digital camera (likely a PowerShot of some sort) on the trip!

We’re looking at buying a Eurail pass for unlimited travel in the two weeks we’ll be in Europe. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go? A number of people at work recommended Barcelona. Any others?

6 thoughts on “Off To Europe!

  1. Would recommend Czech Republic, Hungary and have heard that heading further into central/eastern europe is excellent. Especially Croatia?

  2. Matteo

    Jo Adam:
    I am not sure you know it, but I am from Italy. If you want to chat about Italy, France (I just spent 2 weeks in Alsace and Burgundy), Germany, Spain, Holland (I lived there for a year), or England (I lived there also for a couple of years), we should talk.
    These are the photos from Alsace and Burgundy The weather was awful, so they are just ok.
    If you want to go over things, send me an email. I am leaving Tuesday for a 5 day photo shoot in the desert.



  3. Matteo

    also forgot
    I am not sure that a pass might be doog value. It all depends on how long you want to spend in each place. Flying within Europe is really cheap nowadays, with companies like Rynair and Easijet, and there are so many of them that it is normally easy to find a decent fair between destinations.


  4. Plan right now is to spend a few days in Barcelona followed by a trip to the South of France. A French railpass for 4 days is cheaper than buying individual tickets, so that’s the plan for us!

  5. If you’re passing through Switzerland, on 2-3 Sept there is the Triathlon World Championship in Lausanne, the Olympic capital (HQ of Olympic commitée). see
    There is a direct TGV (fast train) from Paris to Lausanne or Geneva (about 4h travel)

    Send me a message if you pass in the area.


  6. Hi Adam – if you happen to be in Nice/Cannes over one of the next weekends, let me know and I’ll show you around, there’s plenty to see and do over there!


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