Home Sweet Home

We’re back in the Bay Area! Rae and I had quite the saga getting back to home. It started with an early rise at 6:00 am to get to CDG Airport three to four hours ahead of the flight so we could deal with all of the inevitable and interminable security checks. None of the ticketing counters were open at Gare de Lyon, and we didn’t have any change to buy the RER tickets from the machines. As a result, I had to go from retail shop to retail shop asking for change, which they all obviously had none. So, I ended up buying several little items, mints here, pain au chocolat there, etc. until we had the requisite amount of coins for the RER ticket.

CDG had several layers of security checks, including two bag checks and a full pat-down right in front of the gate. Due to the increased security, our flight was delayed leaving France by one hour. The next ten hours were very difficult, as there was a God-awful annoying, screaming kid sitting in the aisle next to us! The sad thing was that her parents didn’t seem too eager to shut her up throughout the flight.

Although the plane arrived on time, we weren’t able to get off the plane, retrieve our check-in, and get through customs in time for our scheduled flight. Instead, we were moved to the next flight an hour later. Three and a half hours later, we were back in our Santa Clara house. It’s good to be back!

Look for updates with photos from our trip in the coming days! Time to make up for lost sleep now!

1 thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Braden

    Welcome back hom, Adam and Rae! Glad your trip sounded like it went well.

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