Commitment to a Shutout

All hail the Charger Nation! What an exciting game last night… if you were a Charger fan! My hometown team smothered the Raiders, 27-0, in a game that featured nine sacks, three by Defensive Rookie of the Year, Shawne Merriman. There was a Charger fan sitting in front of me with a Merriman jersey who was being heckled all night by the Raider nation atop Mount Davis. Zeus, nor any of the Greek Gods were present for the Raiders, has they mustered only 129 yards of total offense.

The Chargers played a very conservative ballgame, running 48 out of 59 plays in the entire game. I felt like they could have used more of an aerial attack, but the plan was to take the pressure off of Rivers. Though he’s been in the league for the past three years, this was his first start. Still, the Chargers had plenty of opportunities to throw the ball throughout the third quarter. Martyball prevailed, however, and we went run, run, run, punt on several occasions in the second half.

Next week’s opponent is Tennessee, whose offense is led by Rivers’ former coach, Norm Chow, who also happens to be the only Asian offensive coordinator in the league. Asian QB Timmy Chang was on the Eagles’ roster in the pre-season, but it would appear that he was cut before the season began.

I had a great time with Dan, Osvaldo, and Veronica. I brought my camera to the stadium, and have posted some photos from the event below.

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