It's Time For Some Football!

I was all prepared to head over to Levi’s place to watch the MNF game between my Chargers and the Raiders when Osvaldo gave me a call saying he had an extra ticket! I am so there tonight! Every team at the beginning of the season feels it has the right stuff to get to the Super Bowl, but Kickoff Weekend has a way of demoralizing the losing team for the rest of the season. Here’s to my hometown team kicking some Raider Nation tonight and getting to the top of the AFC West Division!

2 thoughts on “It's Time For Some Football!

  1. Daniel

    go chargers!! hope you made it outta the black hole alive :) philip rivers looked great (who needs drew brees?), LT was dominating as usual and the defense was the star…my titans on the other hand, still a year or two away from getting back on top…oh well

  2. Dave Golden

    Go Chicago Bears. Maybe they’ll go 2-0.

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