Aperture 1.5 Can't Be Far Away


Aperture owners across the world are no doubt clicking on the Software Update Check Now button every hour to see when version 1.5 is available. Yesterday, iTunes 7.0.1 was released, and today the iLife suite was updated. This update includes media browser support for Aperture. Thus, 1.5 is just around the corner; my guess is we’ll see it tomorrow morning!

I’m really hoping for some performance improvements in 1.5. I’ve used Aperture for the past three wedding shoots. Compared to Capture One, working on images in Aperture is overall much slower. Part of this has to do with Aperture’s real-time RAW decoding and image updating. Capture One uses a large preview image when performing image edits. In addition, Aperture default color profiles are no match for Capture One and Magne Nilsson’s custom color profiles. It simply takes longer to get accurate color with Aperture. If 1.5’s new hue and saturation controls lets me make a custom color profile preset that matches Capture One, I’ll be a happy camper.

Of course, Aperture is great for selecting and rating images. As I mentioned in my previous post, the 1.5 feature set has me thinking of switching from iView completely for DAM purposes. I’ll need to update Annoture to make sure my annotations transfer from iView to Aperture. That should run much smoother with the new AppleScript functions.

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