Aperture 1.5!

It’s available via Software Update!

One feature that I’m eager to test out is the AppleScript selection property of the Aperture application:

selection (list of anything, r/o) : The objects currently selected in the browser

Right now, I’m upgrading my Library to 1.5 format. There’s no turning back now. I’m going to spend some time this weekend rethinking how I want to organize my photo collection. Now that we don’t need to store the actual images in the Library, I can recreate some of what I’ve accomplished with iView Media Pro where my photos are stored and referenced on an external hard disk (my 1TB ReadyNAS). Like iView, Aperture 1.5 would simply access the files from there. I have a feeling that performance will be impacted, however, when the files are served from the network, so I might just have to invest in a 750GB external hard disk and use the NAS as a backup drive. To date, all of my original and RAW images take up 400GB of disk space. A 750GB hard drive would give me a couple more years of service.

Update: If you select a stack and ask Aperture for the selection in AppleScript, it returns all the images in the stack, not just the one in the viewer.

2 thoughts on “Aperture 1.5!

  1. I was absolutely certain, on reading about all the fixes, that Aperture 1.5 would allow users to over-ride the default image creation date, so that date operations (sort, find, etc) would be correct for scans and misdated photos.

    The Apple discussion forums suggest this was not done. I’m stunned, but hopeful that there’s been a misunderstanding.

    Please, tell me Aperture was not designed by idiots …

  2. Hi,

    Still curious if Aperture allows the importation of the Canon .wav files that are recorded from time to time by photographers in the field collecting caption information. Thanks!


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