Rotten Tomatoes Halloween Party

Update: Now with photos from the party!

Cobra La La La La La La! I’m off to ride in the Low-Key Hillclimb Series ride #3 up Mt. Diablo, so I don’t have the time to post some more photos. Here’s one of me with members of the Cobra Terrorist Organization — Cobra Commander, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Serpentor, and the Baroness — at the annual Rotten Tomatoes Halloween Party. Rae and I have been playing Knights of the Old Republic II, and we dressed up as Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya/Kreia respectively. Muhahah!

Some cool costumes from the evening included Jen and her friend were the Chinese Rocket Fans on YouTube, the Sesame Street Aliens, Bjorn “George” Borg, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, the aforementioned Cobra gang, the Fandango guy, and Marge Simpson.

We’re already thinking about next year’s costume! I hope that we spend more than a day preparing it. The Darth Nihilus mask was made from a $2 hockey mask from Albertson’s. A little cutting here and there, some shades, tape, and cardbard later, and you have the mask of a Dark Sith Lord!

I improved the costume a few days later on Halloween Day, pulling the fabric further into the hood so as to mask the cardboard. I genuinely scared some kids who came to our house looking for candy!

Here’s coverage from previous RT Halloween Parties:

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