Another year, another Halloween! Having moved to Santa Clara, we got to see a new batch of kids. We checked out our new neighborhood dressed up in our Halloween costumes. Rae donned a mask to conceal her face, which means, yes, Rae and I went trick or treating for the first time in almost 15 years!

I don’t know if the people could guess that we weren’t kids, but we did our best to giggle and act younger. I think I scared some little kids with my costume. In the dark, it really looks quite scary and menacing.

1 thought on “Halloween

  1. BillO

    Do you really think that candy will last till next year?
    Waaayyyy back, in my best trick-or-treating days, I would get up to 40 pounds of candy. It never seemed to last past Easter. Your costumes look great. Congrats on the new home.

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