Initial MsgFiler Responses and Bugs

The initial response to MsgFiler has been pretty good. That said, a number of users have been encountering a couple of errors when using MsgFiler. For instance, if you’re experiencing the following error dialog:

Can’t make current application into type anything (-1700)

You’ll want to wait for the next release. People who have been sending me this error all seem to have MacBook Pros, but I think the issue is with how the mailboxes have been configured.

Another issue that’s cropped up is handling Unicode characters. I’m currently identifying the source of these problem and will get a fix out soon!

Update: Here’s a list of bugs that we’ll be resolving in the next few days:

I get this error, Can’t make current application into type anything (-1700), when I try to file a message

I think the issue is due to the way the user’s IMAP server has been configured. MsgFiler builds the list of mailboxes from the Finder directory structure (since AppleScript is so slow). For people who have their IMAP servers configured in a particular way, this causes MsgFiler to barf when searching for a mailbox. This is why some people have the problem and others do not.

I get another error when trying to search for mailboxes.

If you have a mailbox with double quotes in the name, the MsgFiler may not work entirely. We are looking into the problem

I have mailboxes with accented characters / Unicode characters that can’t be found in MsgFiler

This is another problem that we are currently looking into

MsgFiler does not load properly into Mail. I can’t see the Move with MsgFiler menu item

This may be an incompatibility with other third-party mail plug-ins. We’re looking into it!

3 thoughts on “Initial MsgFiler Responses and Bugs

  1. I’ve been getting the “Can’t make current application into type anything (-1700)” error on my MacBook Pro and have tracked it down to the fact that the mailbox had an ampersand in the name, all other mailboxes function correctly.

  2. Sebastian

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for coming up with this nifty little utility. I am a ‘keyboard guy’ and am always looking for ways to improve my productivity by avoiding all the mouse clicks.
    I just installed MsgFiler and see that the ‘Command-9’ call to open it is used by another plugin in my
    Is it possible to reassign the command to open MsgFilert to another shortcut? If not please take it as a ‘feature requerst’.

    Best regards

  3. Mark

    Hello Adam

    MsgFiler rules! :) It would be even better if you could add a popup menu holding some of my favourite folders.


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