Helo, Chief, and Anders in SF!

Helo, Chief, and Anders with Adam and Rae

The highlight of this weekend was on Saturday, when Aaron “Chief” Douglas, Michael “Anders” Trucco, and Tahmoh “Helo” Penikett, stars from our favorite TV show, Battlestar Galactica, descended to Pier 39 for an autograph signing appearance at the Antiquities of California shop. BSG fans had to work their way through hundreds of unsuspecting tourists to get to the end of the pier where the signing was taking place.

The event took place from noon to 7:00 pm. Rae and I got there around 3:30 pm, and we were surprised that there weren’t more people around. I had heard about the signing on the excellent All about Tahmoh Penikett fan website, but I guess the publicity for the event only got around to hard-core BSG fans. Members from Galactica Actual, a fan club here in the Bay Area, were in full force.

Rae and I got Tahmoh to sign our poster for our BSG-themed housewarming party, Dia de Los Padres. In addition, we got an autographed photo of the three stars with us. It’s not everyday you get to meet actors from your favorite show! In Hollywood, they can make anyone any height. In real-life, however, Rae and I were hobbits compared to Aaron (5’11”), Michael (6’3″) and Tahmoh (6’2″)!

We had a 4:00 pm appointment to get to, so we had to leave early and didn’t have the opportunity to talk further with the actors. Despite the time crunch, Rae was able to ask Tahmoh about his favorite martial arts movie (Enter the Dragon), get his opinion on Tony Jaa (he does the real stuff!), and his desire to feature more martial arts action in BSG. As for me, I just told the actors that I hope their characters don’t die this season or next. Every week, I’m always afraid that one of the characters is going to bite it. Last week, Chief and Cally almost got done in via the airlock. This week, Chief stages a worker strike and gets in trouble with Adama. After that, we have several episodes that will be advancing the main plot, and you know the fireworks will be coming. The promos are saying that one character will die, one will be revealed to be a Cylon, and one will find Earth. It’s entirely possible that one character will do all three things (hint, hint). We’ll find out in a few weeks!

Here’s some more photos from Helo, Chief, and Anders signing at Pier 39 this past weekend!

3 thoughts on “Helo, Chief, and Anders in SF!

  1. syndromes

    Man… If Grace Park would’ve been there, you have no idea how jealous i’d have been ;) Cool that Aaron Douglas was there though – i’m a big fan of his acting and would love to see him in more roles.

  2. Nice! If only I’d known they were in town!

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