We Are The Final Five!

If you haven’t seen the final episode of BSG’s third season, stop reading now…

Helo, Chief, and Anders with Adam and Rae

Little did Rae and I know that we met two of the final five Cylons at the autograph event in San Francisco last month! Our beloved Anders and Chief are Cylons! One-Eyed Tigh and Presidential Aide Tori are too, although Executive Producer Ronald Moore says that theyare fundamentally different from the other models. What does all this mean?

There are some other worthy theories on the Net to consider. Check out this post on the always excellent All about Tahmoh Penikett website. I like the one that argues the Cylons have been waging a way against each other for thousands of years. Humanity is long gone, meaning everyone is a Cylon. The sands of time have made them forget who and what they really are. Remember, Leoben keeps on saying, “All that is happening has happened before.”

I remember telling Chief that we were afraid that he was going to die this season. He said with this bemused face, “You’ll see.” I should have known about Chief; he was wearing a Cylon t-shirt! Looking at the photo, maybe Rae and I make up the final five!

4 thoughts on “We Are The Final Five!

  1. syndromes

    Watching this season in particular has been an exercise in masochism for me, but the last five minutes of the season finale got me excited for next season. Have they confirmed that it will be the last season? I’m hoping having a finish line in sight will tighten up the story arcs and get back to the core of the story. Although waiting til the fall for the 2 hour special and 8 months for a new season is going to be painful ;)

  2. Moore and Eick are wrestling with the idea of finishing up the series after the 4th season. This decision may become easier if the networks don’t renew BSG for a fifth season. Personally, I think they’ve painted themselves into a corner where they have to finish everything up next year.

  3. This season has been pretty ragged by the end. The finish of New Caprica was great. But it seemed to run out of steam by the time the Baltar trial came round.

    The idea of everyone being a Cylon is a great one. As you report the final four / five (Starbuck ?) do seem different. For instance the chief fathered a child. I don’t know if I could stand a retcon to explain it.

    They definitely have to wind things up if they’ve found Earth like Starbuck says.

    Nonetheless Galactica is still a great show.

  4. Yeah, the idea of the Chief being a Cylon and fathering a hybrid baby kind of dilutes the special-ness of Hera, doesn’t it?

    2008 is a long ways away…

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