More 1D Mark III Information

Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Here’s some more links about the newly announced Canon EOS-1D Mark III:

One thing that I’ll miss in the Mark III is the old control layout. After having used the 1D-series for the past 6 years, I’ve grown accustomed to holding down a button while using the control dials to change settings. I always felt that this method was superior for preventing accidental camera settings changes. In the D30/10D/20D/30D/5D and now the Mark III, you can now let go of a button after pressing it before being able to spin the control dials. When I eventually upgrade to a new camera, I’ll just have to get used to this.

New features of the Mark III that are more appealing to me include the ISO 6400, highlight recovery, live view, weight reductions (if not smaller body), 19 cross-type AF sensors, and lower noise at high ISOs. Canon has a huge market share advantage in the digital SLR marketplace, and the Mark III no doubt will continue this dominance.

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