Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

As homeowners coming up on our one-year house anniversary, we experienced the joys of gardening, eradicating weeds, and collecting dead leaves. We have one Modesto Ash tree in front of our house and another behind our house in our neighbor’s backyard. During Fall, the two trees drop an inordinate amount of leaves onto the front yard, driveway, and pool. Raking and netting leaves was not one of the house chores I was looking forward to as a new homeowner! I ended up purchasing a leaf blower and vacuum, which helped to speed up the process of collecting and mulching the foliage each week.

At the beginning of the year, I scheduled a tree trimming with the City of Santa Clara. A few weeks ago, the Street Department arrived to trim some of the excess branches from our Modesto Ash. Below are some photos from the event. Springtime is arriving later this month, and the cycle will begin anew. This time, we’re prepared!

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