All Things Digital Launches

We launched the new All Things Digital today! This will be the new home for The Wall Street Journal’s technology columnist, Walt Mossberg and his partner in journalistic crime, Kara Swisher. Also joining them with witty daily videos and posts is former Good Morning Silicon Valley journalist, John Paczkowski. Expect to see tons of great content — both written and in living color — in the coming months.

Alex and I were the primary developers for the site, and we were matched with a fantastic design firm in Mule Design Studios and a kick-ass team from Automattic. Thanks go out to everyone else who helped on the project, Beth, Brian, Raanan, Lia, and John!

All Things Digital Web Site

As you can see in the footer, the site’s powered by WordPress MU. I’ve done quite a few websites built on top of WordPress, such as DigiDelve Technologies, Sharpcast and Meraki Networks but this was my first using MU. Alex said it best that “WPMU feels simultaneously familiar and foreign to me.”

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