Coda from Panic


Checking out Coda, a one-window web development application, from Panic, makers of the excellent SFTP application, Transmit. For my latest consulting project, I’m juggling with exactly the problem Coda is attempting to solve, the barrage of windows and applications needed to perform web development chores:

Coda has almost all of this integrated into one application, including collaborative editing via a licensed-SubEthaEdit engine. Coda uses WebKit, so the rendering engine will look more like Safari than FireFox or IE. My web development typically starts with coding for FireFox, then Safari, then IE/IE6. On paper, this looks like a terrific application. I’ll test it out for the next two weeks and see how I like it. The Panic guys do great work, so I expect nothing less from Coda! Here that, Steven! :)

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