Craplets at D5

Craplets at D5

As a surprise for Walt, the D5 staff all wore these great Mossberg Craplets t-shirts from Mule Design. Kara posted her thoughts on the surprise, along with a video of the proceedings.

I’m putting the finishing touches on some updates to the site before the conference begins. I didn’t get to see much of the beautiful weather outside today, sadly enough. Perhaps tomorrow, I will have a little time to go out for a nice POSE run. One good thing about having Puma H-Street shoes is that I can fit them in my suitcase very easily. Typical running shoes are really bulky and take up so much luggage space. H-Streets are the complete opposite: light, flexible, and easy to pack.

The Four Seasons is a very impressive hotel; it reminds me of the time Rae, her family, and I spent on the Constellation during our Northern Europe cruise. The constant pampering from the hotel staff is a little bit awkward, but that’s par for the course at a five-star hotel. The service is definitely a step-up from a Best Western!

Some photos of the Craplets t-shirt surprise for Walt below!

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