7 thoughts on “Raise Your iPhones!

  1. Hi Adam. That’s a fun picture. If you happen to know how it was illuminated could you let me know? I’m always interested in the quality of light if it happens to be from a quick and dirty set-up, or a more elaborate softbox on lightstand, flash bounced in the ceiling etc.

    I played with the iPhone at the AT&T store here in Philadelphia the other day (we don’t have an Apple Store downtown) and I was pleased that the tiny virtual keyboard on the notepad allows you to move your finger around and pick the correct letter before making your choice. The first time I had tried it I was picking the wrong letters 90 percent of the time. Version 2 whenever that is will be in my pocket I’m thinking!

  2. Just a LightSphere on top of my 550EX flash. You can see the settings in the More Properties tab on the Flickr page. The house lights were still on above us.

  3. im super jealous… wish att didnt suck so much in my area so i could hol dup my iphone 2… maybe one day… or maybe i should just move right now so i can have one

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