Death Ride This Weekend

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So, the moment of truth has arrived. The Death Ride is this weekend, and we’re leaving for South Lake Tahoe tonight. On Saturday, Jorge, Richard, Stephen, Gilad, and I are about to embark on a 129 mile, 15,000 feet journey through the California Alps. Monitor, Ebbets, and Carson Passes will beckon and laugh at us (mostly me) as we slowly climb their slopes. For me, this is not a race of speed, it’s a race of survival!

Last week, I got a tune-up of my bike from Summit Bicycles in Los Gatos. The rear wheel spins a lot better, though there still is a busted bearing somewhere in the rear hub. I took the bike out for a short spin on Monday, and while barely noticeable, riding did feel a little easier than during the Giro di Peninsula. Every little bit counts, and I’m going to need it if I plan to finish 3-4 passes Saturday. If I go really slow, I might even be able to complete all five passes, but I’m not really counting on that.

I’ll be taking my iPhone with me, and — coverage permitting — I will be live blogging the ride with photos and text on my Flickr site.

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