Oakland A's from the Box Suite

Oakland A's from the Box Suite

Last week, we had the opportunity to watch an Oakland A’s game in a box suite, thanks to Ellen and Jerome. Watching a live baseball game in a suite is very different from being in the stands. In the latter, I often find myself trapped in my seat. On the other hand, in the suite, I felt free to move around, talk to everyone, and get lots of yummy food. I can definitely see why baseball and football owners want to replace their aging stadiums with new ones featuring tons of luxury box suites.

As for the actual game, I found the suite to be less involving. In the stands, you have the whole game right there in your face. In the suite, the same things that are positives can also be negatives. I found myself busying myself with food and conversation, so much so that I just missed the lone home run by Suzuki. The game was primarily a pitcher’s duel, with the A’s prevailing 3-2 in quick 2 hour game.

Although baseball is fun — especially when your hometown team is winning and in the pennant race (Go Padres!) — it’s not as exciting as football. And, it won’t be too long for that season to begin. Go Chargers!

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