You're Wasting Your Time

Post this under things you shouldn’t say when you’re on camera. Our Mayor, Patricia Mahan, was caught on tape last month muttering under her breath, “You’re Wasting Your Time” in response to residents who were concerned about the use of public assets to build the new San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. Mahan’s comment comes at the end of the YouTube clip below:

For the record, I voted for the other guy. He earned my trust.

2 thoughts on “You're Wasting Your Time

  1. Steve

    Adam, I don’t see her comment the same way you do. While I agree that she has a flippant and obstinate attitude, I don’t think she was telling the citizens they are wasting their time by opposing the stadium. I think she was annoyed and being impatient with the proceedings. She was asking people to come forward and no one was and time was running out so she rudely said they were wasting their time. I don’t see how you can construe that as she was telling them they were wasting their time by opposing the stadium.

  2. Santa Clara Resident

    I was at the City Council meeting that night, and I can confirm that the Mayor’s “You’re wasting your time remark” was NOT audible to the audience or the speaker. It was someone watch at home who heard the remark, and it wasn’t until the re-broadcast that the remark was confirmed.

    Besides, the clock doesn’t start until the speaker begins, so the resident could not have been wating her own time until the clock actually started.

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