SmugMug Holiday Party

Adam and Rae at the SmugMug Holiday Party

Rae and I went to the SmugMug holiday party this evening. It was great to run into people from COBA, Stanford, and Eye-Fi. In fact, according to Ziv, one of the founders of Eye-Fi, there were several photographers using Eye-Fi Cards to wirelessly transfer the photos directly to SmugMug’s servers on the Internet, including the pro who took our photo above. How cool is that? SmugMug recently launched some wicked cool features to the site today. I’m really impressed with the way they can dynamically resize images on the fly. The old design looked mighty cramped on my 30″ display; the new one makes great use of available screen real estate now.

After the party, Rae and I went to the Apple Store, where I picked up the new aluminum wireless keyboard using my iPhone early adopters $100 credit. In my quest to declutter, the new keyboard will remove one more wire from my desk. I do miss the numeric keypad and the large arrow keys, but I think that I’ll get used to keyboard in no time. I’m looking forward to contributing a photo of my workspace to the Unclutterer Flickr Pool, but I have a bit more work to do under the desk. There are still a few too many loose wires visible at the moment.

3 thoughts on “SmugMug Holiday Party

  1. jen

    u guys look amazing!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha, great shot, Adam! Thanks for coming. We had an awesome time.

  3. Hi Adam! I picked a wireless apple keyboard with my $100 too!
    Unfortunately the range isn’t that great to use with a media center mac in the living room.

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