Cables Begone!

A clutter free space underneath the desk

My quest for a clutter-free house has reached to lands where few dare to tread, the underneath of one’s computer desk. My current computer setup consists of a PowerMac G5 with two monitors, a UPS, two speakers, one subwoofer, and hordes of cables. You can see in the photos below how many cables I needed to hide:

  1. PowerMac power cable
  2. 30″ Apple Cinema Display cable, which includes separate DVI, USB, FireWire, and power cables
  3. 30″ Apple Cinema Display power adapter and cable
  4. 17″ Apple Studio Display cable
  5. ADC-DVI adapter for 17″ Studio Display
  6. ADC-DVI breakout cable, which includes DVI and USB cables
  7. One RCA speaker cable
  8. D-sub subwoofer cable
  9. Subwoofer power cable
  10. Speaker to computer cable
  11. UPS USB cable
  12. Ethernet cable

There are also times when I plug in an external hard drive or two, which would add additional FireWire cables and power bricks underneath the desk.

The other day, I purchased some loom wire from Fry’s. Loom wire is a corrugated plastic sheathing that has a cut along its entire length. I simply stuffed as many cables as could fit into the wire, effectively creating one giant cable that went to the computer. As for the display power bricks, I was able to place them to the left of the UPS, where they are nicely hidden. One thing that I’ll be doing in the future is to give some more slack to the display cables, since I often reposition the monitors on my desk.

With everything out of the way, cleaning those dust bunnies underneath the desk is going to be a lot easier. There are a few more places in the house where cables have gone wild. That will be a decluttering battle for another day!

Check out the photos below!

6 thoughts on “Cables Begone!

  1. Wow, nice job, Adam! The area under and around a computer desk is indeed very scary …

    Oh, btw, your comments count on your blog seems to be [actual comments] plus one for me.

  2. Caroline – the eventual redesign of my site will fix the comment issue. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have time to do some UI updates to the site.

  3. Adam. Great Minds lol! I’ve the exact same problem with my cabling as you can see a hint of from the pic at the top of my latest update. Ive RAM arriving for the Mac Mini tomorrow so maybe that’ll be an excuse to tackle it all at once. Great Job!

  4. Adam, I dont think you are alone in your quest for a tidy space beneath your desk. I have an iMac and even with a beautiful new Bluetooth keyboard I still have a small pile of cable clutter going to USB hubs, printers, Firewire disks etc etc. I am sure one day we will get perfectly wireless computing but somehow it still seems a way off doesn’t it ?

  5. Hey man. Just stumbled upon your site here. This looks very good. I don’t know if we have a Fry’s here, but I’m gonna try to do this to my desk. It’s been an idea of mine for a while to do something very similar, but I just can’t find the time. I might wait till after my office is finished in the upstairs of my house. I wonder if I can get some of this at a local hardware store. Like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Hmmm… this will come in time. LOL. I guess I could always order this online if I couldn’t find it there.

  6. we always use power adapters at home because of our different voltage applications;’`

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