Annoture and Timeature Incompatible with Aperture 2.0

In my brief testing, Annoture and Timeature are not compatible with Aperture 2.0.

For Timeature users, there is a new feature in Aperture 2.0 which allows you to adjust the timestamp of an imported image. Look for the Adjust Date and Time… menu item under the Metadata menu.

There is currently no timetable for updating Annoture to support Aperture 2.0.

4 thoughts on “Annoture and Timeature Incompatible with Aperture 2.0

  1. Steve Ells

    I have been disappointed in the Microsoft version of my old friend iView Media Pro and have been thinking of moving over the Aperture. The new version, the price drop, and the discovery of your conversion product may just lead me to do it. Do you intend to upgrade to version 2.0 eventually? It would be great if you did.

  2. I won’t be able to work on a compatible version of Annoture for at least a month. I’m leaving for a trip to China next week. Have you been using Expression Media or are you still on iView Media Pro 2.6.x or 3.x?

  3. Mark


    I’m a licensed user of Annoture and rely on it for my workflow. Aperture 2 still does not read XMP/IPTC sidecars and so I still pre-process my RAW’s with iView 3 to add metadata before importing to Aperture.

    I’m really excited about Aperture 2 but not sure if I can upgrade without Annoture compatibility!

  4. Steve Ells

    Thanks for your courteous reply. In response to your question, I am using iView 3.13. I could convert temporarily to Expression Media 1, if that would provide another route to migration to Aperture 2.0.

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