Aperture 2.0 Released

Aperture 2.0

Speak of the devil! Just days after I write Aperture Caption to help users of Aperture 1.5.2 to quickly caption images, Apple announces Aperture 2.0. One of the 100 new features is Metadata entry shortcut, described below:

Metadata entry shortcut

When adding or modifying metadata entries, press Command-Right Arrow (or Command-Left Arrow) to advance to the next (or previous) image. The cursor remains in the same metadata field, expediting the process of making metadata edits as you move from image to image.

I just tested Aperture Caption and it still works in the Aperture 2.0 Trial. In fact, because the script automatically moves you to the next image, it’s actually a little faster than hitting Command-Right Arrow in Aperture 2.0. Either way, Aperture users, you have a choice!

In addition, Aperture 2.0 has the ability to adjust a photo’s date and timestamp after import. My program, Timeature provided this ability, but it did not modify the master image, just the records in the Aperture database.

Adjust time/date offset

Adjust the timestamp assigned to each photo by your camera at the time of exposure and embed the changes in the original master image files.

I’ll have to check if there have been any changes to the AppleScript support for my other application, Annoture, which provided metadata copying capabilities between Aperture and iView Media Pro.

Apple also lowered the price of Aperture to $199, but they are charging existing owners $99 to upgrade.

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