Aperture Caption and Aperture Caption Palette

Interesting, there’s a free AppleScript-based app from Apple called Aperture Caption Palette. This slick mini-app looks suspiciously like my own Aperture Caption AppleScript that I wrote in the beginning of February.

If only I knew what things are in development at Apple, it would save me a lot of time writing duplicate products!

4 thoughts on “Aperture Caption and Aperture Caption Palette

  1. but this is one of the joys of being a developer! you can do *whatever* you want whenever you want. sure, apple made a script that has similar functionality, but you were able to satisfy your own needs immediately. besides, you could say that you were there first. =P

  2. Sal

    Just goes to prove the old adage that “Great minds think alike.” BTW, the updated functionality of the reveal verb in Aperture 2.1 now allows multiple images to be selected — very useful indeed!

  3. VS

    Note also the Apple tool seems to require OS X 10.5.2.
    (I don’t know whether they are distributing the source, so that it could be modified downwards for 10.4.)

  4. Aperture Caption Palette is an AppleScript Studio app, so the source can’t be modified.

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