Aperture 2.1 Updated

A month after they released Aperture 2.0, Apple’s got a major updated out with Aperture 2.1. The most exciting thing is the new plug-in architecture. I can’t wait until PictureCode gets a Noise Ninja plug-in out! Update EXIF from Master is a great tool for those who manage their photos by reference too and occasionally update their images with additional information (i.e. GPS data).

Update: It looks like the image edit plug-in architecture creates full-resolution TIFF/PSD versions and files, which is a fast way to bloat up your image library. I hope that Apple has a way to add plug-in non-destructive adjustments filters. This would be essential for something like Noise Ninja, which I would want to batch across every image in a project without having to create mega-sized TIFFs for each file.

More in-depth discussion about the plug-in architecture can be found on Rob Galbraith’s site.

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