AutoMate and Camera Insurance at July COBA Meeting

The July meeting for the Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user group will be held on Wednesday, July 9, 2008, in Cordura Hall 100 at Stanford University from 7:30-10:00 pm.


19:00-19:30: Sign-in and mingling period
19:30-20:30: AutoMate Robotic Camera Mount
20:30-21:30: Camera Insurance
21:30-22:00: Monthly Assignment: SUMMER


AutoMate from The Gadget Works at the next COBA meeting

Don French from The Gadget Works will demonstrate AutoMate, a programmable robotic camera mount that you can control from your cellphone or PDA. The AutoMate features:

  • A programmable robotic camera platform, ideal for making gigapixel panoramas
  • A programmable electronic shutter release with full and half-press control
  • A programmable intervalometer for making time-lapse movies and panoramas
  • A programmable self-timer
  • A remote control for operating the robot and activating the shutter release
  • Two input lines for sensing external trigger events and running custom programs
  • An output line for operating an external device
  • A custom program editor
  • A database of user settings and custom programs

Camera Insurance

So, you’ve got all this expensive camera equipment. What happens if something gets lost of stolen? COBA members will present and discuss the various types of camera insurance you can get, the pros and cons of getting separate insurance or a rider on your existing policy, and what to do when the unfortunate occurs. If you’ve ever wondered about protecting your photographic assets, you’ll want to be at the meeting!

SmugMug Monthly Assignment: SUMMER

Summer is here and ready for this month’s SmugMug Monthly Assignment. The winner will get a free 1-year Pro account subscription on SmugMug for having the best photo of the group!

Only new photographs taken from the previous meeting date to the next meeting date will be accepted.

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