MsgFiler 2.0.3 Released!


A new version of MsgFiler has been released. Version 2.0.3 features the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improvement: New installer application.
  • Improvement: New, refined user interface for MsgFiler. The app no longer looks like a Palm application (shows where my background is!).
  • New Feature: Added Hide mailboxes from inactive and offline accounts feature
  • Bug fix: MsgFiler now works properly on HFS+ Case-Sensitive Disk Partitions
  • Bug fix: MsgFiler ignores mailbox directories (white folders into which you can’t file messages)

Special thanks go out to John Buckley of Olive Toast Software, who provided the new installer for MsgFiler. We can finally say goodbye to installation issues for MsgFiler!

Version 2.0.3 is a free update for all registered MsgFiler users.

6 thoughts on “MsgFiler 2.0.3 Released!

  1. charlie kay

    have been using msg filer 2.02 with latest leopard. couldn’t get keyboard shortcut to remain in preferences. shows it as added, then doesn’t show up in mail drop down menu. reopen preferences, and its disappeared. updated to 2.03 and still does the same. any advice. thanks. love your product. will buy if i can resolve this issue. …..

  2. Make sure Move with MsgFiler is entered in Keyboard Shortcuts. It has to be the exact name of the menu item. See screenshots here:

  3. Craig Norris

    I have a bunch of folders that I no longer use to store current messages. I store these folders in the “ON MY MAC” account. I’d like to have MsgFiler ignore those folders so they don’t show up in the list of available folders to move messages into. Is that possible?

  4. Craig – Currently, MsgFiler can only be set to ignore folders from inactive or offline accounts. There’s no way to place an active folder into an ignore list.

  5. Hey Adam, MsgFiler has seriously made my email life *much* easier – thanks so much!

    Like Craig, I’d love to see a way to slim down the list of folders somehow, even if it’s a text-based “include” or “exclude” list (either one, though an exclude/ignore list would be more practical for most people who need it). Or perhaps an option to ignore nested folders (I have multiple IMAP accounts, and some of their folders have sub-folders with names that match short patterns, which results in either more typing to get the proper match, or judicious use of the down arrow to get to the correct folder).

    If it can at least be put on the “to consider” feature list, that would rock :)

    BTW, been a big fan of your Newton software for years – Grant Hutchinson and I were geeking out a few weeks ago about Newton stuff while at TypeCon in Buffalo, good times :)

  6. I can put your suggestions into the requested features bin. A text-based include/exclude list doesn’t look too difficult to implement.

    Remember that with good use of the space character, you can match complex folder names with just a few keystrokes. Another thing that I’ve found useful is creating your own shortcut for a folder. For instance, adding a parenthesized shortcut to a folder:

    /People/D/Dan Rubin (drub)

    Then, you can just type drub to match your name.

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