One Thing Sarah Palin and I Have In Common: Glasses

There’s one thing that McCain’s Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, and I have in common. We both wear glasses designed by Kazuo Kawasaki. That’s where the similarities end, however! I try to keep politics out of this site, but this woman is unequivocally a bad, bad choice. Petty, vindictive, and secretive, she represents the worst qualities of women, according to my female friends.

Okay, end of my little political rant and back to Kawasaki glasses. I wear the MP-634. Light, made out of titanium, and stylish, I’ve been wearing these for the past decade. I used to have these rounder, gold framed glasses that, looking back, made me look like a nerd. Of course, that’s what I was back in high school and college!

1 thought on “One Thing Sarah Palin and I Have In Common: Glasses

  1. I have been wearing the MP-631 for about a decade, mostly for reading and computer work.

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