Audrey and David Wedding

Country Day alums at David and Audrey's wedding in La Jolla

Went down to San Diego this past weekend to attend David and Audrey’s wedding in La Jolla. Dave and I go way, way back to middle school. Also in attendance from our alma mater were Dani, Jordanna, and Jared. I’m thinking of heading out to Denver in a couple of weeks to photograph the final week of Jared’s congressional run. A number of my friends and family have moved from the West Coast to Colorado in recent years: Rod, Alex, and May and Salim.

The pro photographers shooting the wedding were equipped with Canon 5Ds of the Mark I variety. I wonder how many photogs are going to be upgrading to the Mark II when it ships next month. I’m itching to get one primarily for two reasons: the small size compared to my 1D-bodies and the 1080p video capture capability. Mona Brooks mentioned at the COBA meeting this month that carrying her 5D and 20D were too much at the DNC last month; after carrying two 1D-bodies through several weddings, my arm felt like it was going to fall off! I’m going to enjoy lightening the load with the 5D Mark II.

Click the link below to view photos from the wedding!

2 thoughts on “Audrey and David Wedding

  1. David

    Hey Adam,
    Thanks for posting these pix so quick. They are awesome and the first look we’ve had at the wedding. I’m so glad you and Rae could make it and we’ll have to get together more often than once a year!

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