MsgFiler versus Mail Act-On 2.0

Mail Act-On 2 was released today, and it includes some features very familiar to MsgFiler owners.

Move/Copy Messages to Mailboxes
Mail Act-On 2’s powerful interface includes the ability to move or copy messages to any folders by keystroke, even if you don’t have an Act-On rule for a particular mailbox. Just bring up the appropriate Mailbox Menu, autocomplete the mailbox you want and hit the return key to move.

Mail Act-On 2 will remember your recent destinations so you have even quicker access those mailboxes you use frequently. Recent mailboxes can be accessed with the number keys for quick work.

Competition is good, and I applaud Scott Morrison’s work on this new release, as it certainly is a more powerful tool than the previous version of Mail Act-On. I want to point out some differences between the two applications for existing users and prospective buyers:

  • Focus: MsgFiler is focused on one task and that’s quickly filing your messages. Future development of MsgFiler will always be focused to this end.
  • Speed: MsgFiler users have come to appreciate the fast searching capabilities of MsgFiler. Wildcard searching makes filing messages within deep, nested mailboxes a breeze.
  • Cost: MsgFiler is $8 versus $19.95-24.95 for Mail Act-On 2. If all you need is to quickly file your messages, MsgFiler is more affordable.

One of the difficulties of being involved with so many projects is finding adequate time to devote to all of them. Between my support for my existing consulting clients, work on my documentary film, and my forays into iPhone development, I often find it difficult to allocate the necessary time for older software projects like MsgFiler. For me, MsgFiler is focused and works great. For customers who want more of a kitchen-sink approach to Apple Mail organization, now there’s an additional option with Mail Act-On 2.

1 thought on “MsgFiler versus Mail Act-On 2.0

  1. sjk

    Looks like the MAO2 release gave MsgFiler a little kick. :)

    I use MsgFiler and MAO1 on my Tiger system. MAO2 is Leopard-only, for now.

    MsgFiler’s “Go To Mailbox” is a handy. Still hoping a complementary “Go To Previous Mailbox” feature will be added, basically the second suggestion from this MacUpdate/VersionTracker post:

    A couple things would make this plug-in even more useful:

    • Recent Items history
    • Ability to switch to the last previously selected mailbox

    The latter might be implemented as a subset of the former.

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