Detroit Lions 0-16

Went to Old Pro in Palo Alto today to watch the Detroit Lions fall to a historic 0-16 for the season with Joon-Mo, Felix, and Johnny. I never knew that there were two Old Pro’s in Palo Alto. I once went to the old location near El Camino and Page Mill Road. The Lions played hard, but they just didn’t have enough to beat the Packers. My beloved Chargers went 1-15 a few years back, but I can hardly imagine going 0-16. It’s got to be tough on the Lions fans, who have had to suffer for many years under Matt Millen and Wayne Fontes.

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1 thought on “Detroit Lions 0-16

  1. Buy a Ford and support a losing football team for life!
    For over a 100 years Detroiters have been taking pride in building Ford vehicles and are responsible for the automotive industry. As generations pass son’s replace fathers on the production line and are willing to give blood, sweat and tears for their jobs. We do it because of pride!

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