MsgFiler 2.0.8

MsgFiler 2.0.8 has been released.

This version is qualified for use on Mac OS 10.6.5, although you may need to re-install the plugin. Recent updates to Mac OS X Mail have a tendency to disable all mail plugins, even if they are compatible with the current OS.

In addition to a general compatibility fix, there is one additional new feature. Many users have been asking to do away with the double press of the Return/Enter key if there are multiple mailbox matches. Previously, if your search came up with several matches, pressing the Return/Enter key would move the cursor from the text input field to the mailboxes pane. You would then use the arrow keys to find your match before pressing Return/Enter to file the message.

Now, there’s an option in the Preferences window to do away with the double keypress. Longtime users of MsgFiler will have to retrain their muscle memory, but try it out and see if this makes filing faster!

8 thoughts on “MsgFiler 2.0.8

  1. Jim Ratliff

    If we do choose the new option “Enter key always performs filing action,” then what would we do in the case that there are multiple matches and we do NOT want the first one in the list?

  2. Tom Kellen

    I just installed 2.0.8 and when I launch Mail it says that it is incompatible and disables the plugin. 2.0.7 works just fine. I’m running 10.6.4 on an Intel MacBook Pro with all patches, etc. Any idea what might be causing it to not load?


  3. I’ll take a look at this later today. Stay tuned.

  4. If anyone was having problems with 2.0.8 not installing properly on your machine, please re-download the Disk Image and try again. There are a problem with the build architecture on the app, which I have correct. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  6. Ton Kalker

    Just installed OS X 10.6.5. Seems that uncle Steve made MsgFiler incompatible with Mail 4.4. :(. Hope it can be fixed soon.

  7. GDG

    Just installed OS X 10.6.5 and it says that MsgFiler incompatible. However I downloaded and reinstalled 2.0.8 and it now works :) .

  8. Yes, I just updated this page. Recent updates to Mac OS X Mail have a tendency to disable all Mail plugins, regardless of whether or not they are compatible. A reinstall of the plugin gets things working again.

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