Bye Bye GoDaddy, Hello Hover: An Ode to a Dead Elephant

It may come as a surprise to some, but I can be unusually resistant to certain kinds of changes. For the longest time, I have used and recommended GoDaddy for domain registration services. When it first appeared on the scene, GoDaddy was a viable and affordable alternative to Network Solutions. Over the years, I’ve found myself biting my tongue whenever it came time to renew. The dozens of advertisements for “additional services” had become too in your face and annoying. I had become programmed to scroll down to the bottom of the page, looking for the “No Thanks, Continue” text link that would take me one step closer to the Checkout page. Nevertheless, the inertia to change (i.e. laziness) was too great, and I found myself renewing my domains every few years and continuing to use GoDaddy for my new registrations.

That processed ended for the most part today after I read the tweets and articles about GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons shooting an elephant in Africa. Since its racy Super Bowl ads, GoDaddy has never shied away from the public spotlight, and I’m not sure which way the pendulum will swing as a result of this incident. While Eric tweeted that people are abandoning GoDaddy in droves, it remains to be seen if people aren’t just raising a stink about leaving. Domain transfers involves time, money, and multiple steps to complete. For people who have dozens of domains like myself, even the plight of the now dead elephant might not be enough to overcome this inertia.

For me, however, the elephant story forced me to say, “Enough!” This afternoon while in Hawaii, I transferred 14 out of my 16 domains over from GoDaddy to Hover, a domain registrar owned by TUCOWS, a long-time player in the Internet scene. I found a 10% off coupon for Hover, and the company itself is offering domain transfers for only $10. Hover has a good tutorial which walks one over the multi-step process to go from GoDaddy over to its service.

As for the other two domains, I have to wait until a 60-day grace period is over before I can transfer one of them. I’m just going to let lapse the other when it comes time to renew. So with that said, goodbye GoDaddy and hello to Hover!

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye GoDaddy, Hello Hover: An Ode to a Dead Elephant

  1. They’re not nearly as cheap, but I highly recommend – non-US, unambiguous TOS, great service, very cool interface.

    After having to deal with GoDaddy’s nightmarishly slow, bloated interface, GANDI is amazing.

  2. What is the domain name you are going to let lapse?

  3. GoDaddy has been the host of choice for all of my sites in the past, but that was simply because of their marketing power. They have definitely been frustrating me more and more lately. I have heard good things about HostGator and will probably switch over at the end of the year.

  4. Scince 2005 i am with Godaddy, and till now there where not a flaw with their service.
    The Quality/Price ratio is high vs the other companies and their support is amazing.
    I have dreamhost emails for my work, in one work it sucks running down all the time.

    Give GoDaddy a break, and unfortunetly no other companies are providing good plans as their with the same cost even


  5. Savereli

    I got disappointed in Godaddy after the racy ads incident. But I’m registering using Godaddy because of their low prices.

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