MsgFiler 3.0.1 Now Available on the Mac App Store


MsgFiler 3.0.1 is now available on the Mac App Store. This version brings compatibility with Spell Catcher along with lower memory usage and performance improvements with loading and creating new mailboxes. Users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version of MsgFiler on the Mac App Store.

Those of you who routinely file to remote mailboxes will also be interested in downloading and installing the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin. The Engine is an Apple Mail plugin that speeds up filing with MsgFiler 3. If you’re a fan of the original Mail plugin, you’ll want to install and use the Engine.

5 thoughts on “MsgFiler 3.0.1 Now Available on the Mac App Store

  1. Just purchased/downloaded msgfiler last night (3/16/2011) from Mac App store after Adam did presentation to to Got up this morning, fired up Apple mail and found I had already filed over 1100+ msgs when playing around with msgfiler last night. I’m off to do a presentation this morning ( but will put comment on the App store later. Great App!

  2. […] MsgFiler 3.0.1 Now Available on the Mac App Store – great upgrade to a great app! […]

  3. Hi Adam

    Not sure if this is the right place to be getting in touch but and excuse me for being cheeky and asking, but I noticed you had left a comment on Adam Nash’s blog and mentioned that you would be happy to help with code samples etc. Well I am looking to make my own mail plugin, and I really am struggling with a starting point. I have created an apple script which I can run as a service, but I want to add a bit more functionality which I think I can only get by writing a plugin xcode. I have been searching the web for some resources but without much luck. All the best and even if you are unable to help, im enjoying reading some of your blog.



  4. Hi,

    I am a msgfiler user for a long time and have recently changed my harddisk without taking an image.
    I need to download the msgfiler – which is asking for a charge at appstore although I am using the same itunes ID.
    Thank you

    1. Adnan – If you have a copy of MsgFiler still in your /Applications folder, delete it. Restart your computer. Then, when you go back to the App Store, try to download it again. If you sign in with the same AppleID, it should let you download it again for free.

      Otherwise, you may have to rebuild your launch services database. Read the support FAQ page here: on how to do that.

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