Retiring the Original Anatomica T-Shirt

The monsoon-colored Icebreaker Anatomica t-shirt that I have been using for the past year has developed several more holes. There’s three in the back and one near each of the armholes. As a result, I am retiring it from daily use and transitioning it for use during my runs. The merino wool used by Icebreaker in this shirt is great for temperature regulation, odor resistance, and fit, but durability has not been one of its strong suits.

A few months ago, Icebreaker revised the Anatomica shirt. The old version was made from 96% merino wool and 4% Lycra, and the new one is made from 83% merino wool, 12% nylon, and 5% Lycra. Icebreaker says the updated fit is more comfortable and durable. I wonder how the added nylon will affect its odor resistance after repeated wearings. While the new Anatomica retails for $70, you can still find the old version at 40-60% off if you shop around. REI, for instance, has been trying to clear out its stock of Aegean Blue and Lucky Green for months now and is currently selling them for $31 (54% off). Stocks of those are bound to dry up soon, so get them while they are still available if you like the available colors.

When my current shirts have worn out in one to two years, I may take a look at the new Anatomica or try out the wool t-shirts from Wool & Prince and Outlier. Until then, I have four more of these shirts in my minimalist closet, three short sleeves (red, heather gray, and black) and one long sleeve (monsoon), that I’m rotating through. Pictured above is the black v-neck, which if given the choice, I would standardize on as my default t-shirt color.

4 thoughts on “Retiring the Original Anatomica T-Shirt

  1. Yah, I wonder how the nylon will impact its odor resistance too. Nylon can get stinky pretty quickly gauging by nylon socks I’ve had. :) Lycra doesn’t seem to retain too much odor though.

    Cool photo of you in the airplane cockpit. Did you go flying?

    I guess you have at least five shirts in your minimalist closet now! Are those extra four shirts “in waiting” or are you rotating through them, say, every few days?

    1. I rotate through the three short sleeve shirts daily when I go out. It’s too hot to wear the long-sleeve shirt right now in the summer. I also put the retired shirt in with my exercise clothes (in a drawer), so it’s not in the minimalist closet anymore.

      No flying at the Hiller Aviation Museum. That was a cockpit of a 747. They have the front of the airplane on display.

  2. Kris

    I came across your post in 2015 when I was “getting into” Wool and Prince and moving towards a more minimalistic uniform. Funny that I remember that post of yours years later, but one le the top Google results when you search for “uniform wool and prince”. I see you had this update in 2016. (I too had a W&P replacement. Great company.)
    But now I am curious to hear how this has worked out for you. Both the wool clothing choices, the 100 day challenge without washing, the minimalistic uniform and such.
    I have several W&P shirts (like 10), long sleve sweatshirt that I love and just recently got their stretch chino in olive (THE best chino I have). Inlive in Iceland so I rarely use the t-shirts. My main problem with W&P is that they do actually smell after 10+ wearings and the collar gets dirty on the inside as you sweat. Feel free to drop me an email.

    1. With the pandemic, I haven’t been out of the house, so I haven’t been wearing my W&P all that much. In the year prior, however, I wore my button-down shirt for 100 straight days. The collar, as you pointed out, did get pretty grungy, but it was harder to see since the shirt was the gray color.

      I have a v-neck (black) and a crew (red) t-shirt too. The v-neck’s neck opening is way too big, so I don’t wear that all too much. The crew t-shirt is better constructed, and I have no problems wearing it multiple times throughout the week.

      Been thinking about their pants, but I haven’t purchased anything yet since I am still wearing some Levi’s jeans and a pair of Ministry of Supply pants. Once one of those gets holes, I’ll replace with a pair from W&P. Do you have the 60/40 or the Combat Wool Chinos?

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